Mechel Service Supplies Rolled Steel for Construction of Khabarovsk Beltway

Mechel Group’s sales network Mechel Service supplied 3,100 tonnes of rolled steel for construction of a high-speed beltway road around Khabarovsk — one of major transport projects in Russia’s Far East.

The highway will be open for traffic by the end of November. This is the first toll highway in Russia’s Far East. It will offer an alternative route for transit, avoiding downtown Khabarovsk. It will be 27.1 km long. It will include four lanes and have a maximum permitted speed of 120 km/h, and will transit up to 25,000 automobiles in 24 hours.

The beltway will have strategic importance, as it will link three federal highways — A-370 Ussuri, R-297 Amur and A-375 Vostok. In the future, further development will link it to China’s highway grid.

Mechel Service supplied this project with over 3,000 tonnes of rebar, flats and beams produced at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (also part of Mechel Group). The highway’s constructors also received hardware, pipes and sections.