Plug with journal

Plug with journal
Dimensions/mass Steel grade Standards for
chemical composition
mass: 4-320 kg
nominal inside diameter: 1.5-12"
structural steel grades DIN EN 10083-2;
DIN EN 10083-3; DIN EN 10084

Producer: Urals Stampings Plant

Technical requirements (subject to agreement at the time of ordering):

  • heat treatment (normalization, quenching and tempering);
  • premachining;
  • macrostructure control;
  • UST as per SEP 1921, class C/c;
  • carrying out of mechanical properties on heat-treated specimens or in delivery;
  • rating of non-metallic inclusion content as per DIN 50602(K4) or ASTM Е45, method А (A, B, C, D);
  • grain size as per ASTM Е112 or DIN 50601;
  • hardenability;
  • hardness.
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