Port Kambarka

Port Kambarka is a major port in the Kama River basin, 400 km downriver from the city of Perm.

Through Port Kambarka, cargo from Mechel Group and third-party companies is shipped through Russia’s river ways down to Baltic and Caspian Seas as well as Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The port’s railways are linked separately to the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The port has a 620-meter quay wall with a guaranteed depth of 4 meters for a ship’s approach. Internal railways of 3.8 kilometers in length allow up to 60 wagons to be loaded at the same time. Lading is done by eight 5- to 20-tonne portal cranes. The port’s storage area totals 38,300 square meters.

Port Kambarka also offers the following additional services:
  • cargo expedition by the fleet of its own and leased vessels,
  • providing its railway cars and trucks,
  • cargo delivery from door to door,
  • wagon layover at the port’s secure tracks,
  • all-inclusive services for the fleet.

The enterprise focuses on transshipping bulk cargo (coal, crushed stone, gypsum, rubble, sand, sand-and-gravel mixtures and alumina) as well as shipments of slab, billets, rolls and pipes.

Port Kambarka allows shipments to Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria and further to Central and Western Europe.