Trade Port Posiet

Trade Port Posiet, situated on the Japanese Sea coast south of Vladivostok in Posiet Bay, handles coal supplies to Pacific Asia. It is linked by rail to the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

As a result of the recent years’ sweeping upgrade project, Trade Port Posiet was re-equipped as a specialized coal terminal. Key transshipment operations are now held in dust-proof mode. Posiet is a useful terminal to export coal mined at the deposits owned by Mechel’s enterprises of Yakutugol and Yuzhny Kuzbass.

Currently port Posiet can reload up to 9 million tonnes of cargo a year, but its capacity is due to grow up to 15 million tonnes annually in the long-term once the port’s reconstruction is fully complete.

The port’s operations are automated and managed from the central dispatcher console. Wagon unloading is held in a closed building by wagon dumpers equipped with powerful aspiration systems that rule out the possibility of coal dust escaping into the environment. Coal is then transported from the unloading area into storage through conveyors located in covered galleries. Coal transfer is made in covered transfer stations. Coal is stacked using special equipment — stacker-reclaimers equipped with a multi-level dust suppression system. In 2023, the port will launch a new shiploader.

Trade Port Posiet is the core enterprise for the town of Posiet, where it provides jobs to 350 local residents.