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Trade Port Posiet Becomes Far East Pioneer in Online Customs Processing

Trade Port Posiet AO (part of Mechel Group’s transport division managed by Mecheltrans Management Company OOO) initiated transfer to a new method of customs processing through Internet, which decreased time for customs clearance of arriving and departing foreign vessels. This practice is due to be soon extended to the entire territory of Free Port of Vladivostok.

In June Trade Port Posiet addressed the Far East Customs Bureau with the initiative, requesting to jointly work out an option of sending customs vessel entrance and clearance files by Internet and to give up using paper documents. Vladivostok customs officials offered in their turn to use the new “Portal Sea Port” software for the purpose.

The new method was successfully tested in late June, with Japan’s Sunroad Yatsuka came to Port Posiet to be loaded with coking coal after obtaining permission and filing its clearance documents online.

Customs processing at Trade Port Posiet is made by personnel of the Sea Port Zarubino customs station which is located some 40 kilometers away from the port. Before, vessel officials had to spend several hours a day to take vessel papers to the customs post and back. Online processing makes the entire clearance process considerably simpler for both stevedores and customs. Now the port handles up to two vessels daily, with technological operations involving up to 20,000 tonnes of exports.

Trade Port Posiet became a pilot project for testing the new online customs processing method. Vladivostok customs officials said that the new format will be gradually introduced at all customs posts in the Free Port of Vladivostok’s territory.