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Trade Port Posiet Finishes Assembly of Shiploader

Trade Port Posiet (part of Mechel Group’s transport division managed by Mecheltrans Management Company) reports having completed the assembly of steel structures for its new shiploader. The new machine will be the final component in the port’s computerized loading system.

The port will soon begin construction of a concrete foundation for a railway link at its wharfs #1 and 2. Once that is complete, the shiploader will be installed as intended and the port’s personnel will assemble a counterweight for its arm as well as other auxiliary engineering equipment. In April, the port will begin constructing foundations for the technological line consisting of enclosed conveyor galleries and transfer stations. In May, assembly of the technological line’s steel structures will begin, involving both the port’s staff and contractor companies.

The new shiploader is due to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022. It will load coal directly into a vessel’s cargo hold, and its capacity is 2,500 tonnes an hour.

Trade Port Posiet continues with its technical upgrade of its operational facilities and decreasing its impact on the environment. The port already has coal unloaded by railcar dumpers in an enclosed space equipped with an aspiration system. Coal then moves between transfer stations through enclosed galleries, and all transfer stations are also equipped with aspiration systems that rule out the possibility of coal dust escaping into the atmosphere. When the coal is put into storage, a dust suppression system installed at stacker-reclaimers is used, and an automatic stationary system is used to sprinkle storage areas. The port also continues construction of windscreens and filtration systems for rainfall and snowmelt waters. The shiploader’s launch will ensure the port’s ecological safety at all stages of transshipment.

Mechel’s investment in creating a specialized complex totals over 4.5 billion rubles. Today the port’s annual capacity enables it to export up to nine million tonnes of coal products.