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Trade Port Posiet Launches Second Stage of Coal Storage Sprinkler System

Trade Port Posiet (part of Mechel Group’s transport division managed by Mechel-Trans Management Company) launched the second stage of its specialized equipment for continuous dust suppression at open-air coal storage areas.

Trade Port Posiet Launches Second Stage of Coal Storage Sprinkler System

The sprinkler system’s second stage includes seven automatic sprinklers that operate based on the rain principle, using up to 96 cubic meters of water an hour. The first four sprinklers became part of the stevedore’s technological cycle in 2019. Together with three snow generators acquired earlier, the sprinklers are due to ensure that the stored coal products are moisturized all year, and that the work zone generates no dust. The dust suppression system is operated from a central dispatch post thanks to special software that synchronizes the work of loading equipment and the sprinkler system, determining the area and sprinkling intensity as the operating process requires. Special detectors analyze equipment use for efficiency.

The stevedore acquired this stationary coal storage sprinkler system, which includes 23 automatic units, from Germany’s ThyssenKrupp as part of the port’s technical upgrade investment project.

“We are actively meeting our commitments on using technologies outlined by the information and technical reference book ITS 46-2019 as best available technologies for coal terminals. As of today, the port has implemented seven out of nine best available technologies. Those include dust suppression at open-air storages by forming artificial snow cover and creating a water mist. We have also begun constructing local windbreakers along our territory’s perimeter,” Trade Port Posiet’s Managing Director Vladimir Rogov said.

The technical upgrade project includes complex solutions to reduce the port’s impact on the environment. Coal unloading is done by wagon dumpers in closed space equipped by an aspiration system, which eliminates the possibility of coal dust escaping into open air. In winter time, wagons with thawed coal come after defrosting into the wagon dumper area through a covered transport gallery. Bulk transfer units are also equipped with an aspiration system, while conveyor lines are roofed over by closed metal galleries to protect the environment from coal dust. As coal is being put into storage, a water dispersal system installed on stacker reclaimers — special equipment for continuous bulk loading and unloading — moistens it.

Mechel Group invested over 4.2 billion rubles in creating a computerized coal terminal at Port Posiet. The port’s transshipment capacity enables the company to export up to nine million tonnes of coal products annually.