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Trade Port Posiet Sums up Ecological Program’s Results

Trade Port Posiet AO (part of Mechel Group’s transport division managed by Mechel-Trans Management Company OOO) is summing up interim results of fulfilling the pentalateral agreement on ecological safety signed by the port, Primorye Region’s administration, Rosmorport FSUE, Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service (Rosprirodnadzor) and Russia’s Transport Ministry.

As part of this agreement, the stevedore assumed responsibility for implementing technologies and methods outlined by the guideline ITS 46-2019 on best available technologies for coal terminals. By the end of 2020, the port has fully implemented seven out of nine best available technologies. Those include dust suppression at storage sites by forming artificial snow cover and water mist, mechanical and vacuum dust removal at the production area, aspiration of dust stationary sources in the wagon dumper building and lifters, construction of local wind protection structures (the covered wagon dumper area, the covered gallery between the defrosting facility and the wagon dumper building, protective shrouds for dust-free coal transportation on conveyor lines). The port’s staff continued their efforts on greening the sanitary protection zone by planting hundreds of tree saplings.

Ensuring constant ecological monitoring is another best available technology (BAT) that the port adheres to in its business practice. The port brought in an independent accredited laboratory to monitor water, atmosphere and measure noise levels. In 2020, no violations of maximum permissible concentration levels were recorded.

Next year, the port plans to implement two more best available technologies by installing dust and wind protection screens 15-20 meters high on the production area’s perimeter and use foam to suppress dust on conveyor lines. In 2020, the second stage of the sprinkler irrigation system will be launched at the port’s coal storage sites.

“In addition to active implementation of best available technologies, in 2022 we plan to launch a computerized shiploader produced by the global leader in organizing shipment of bulk goods — ThyssenKrupp corporation. The complete equipment set has already been acquired and delivered to our port. This will enable us to shift to dust-free shipment technology. Our stevedore is operating in compliance with all requirements and norms of the Russian environment protection laws. Investment in ecological projects in the next year and a half will total some 1 billion rubles,” Mechel-Trans Management Company OOO’s Chief Executive Officer Alexey Lebedev commented.

Trade Port Posiet is one of Russia’s five specialized coal terminals, and one of two that are located in the Primorye Region. Thanks to the technical revamping project, the port’s key operations have been shifted into dust-free mode. The port is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for high-tech coal transshipment. In the first nine months of 2020, the port’s cargo turnover amounted to 4.3 million tonnes.