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Trade Port Posiet to create coal dust suppression system

Trade Port Posiet AO (part of Mechel Group’s transport division managed by Mechel-Trans Management Company OOO) began assembling a service water pipeline due to ensure uninterrupted fuctioning of a specialized dust suppression system.

The 2.9-kilometer pipeline will consist of four lines located on the edge of the port’s open coal yards. Water will be pumped from a reservoir built on the port’s territory.

The new facility will supply fresh water to a stationary sprinkling dust suppression system, which will automatically sprinkle water on the coal yards’ perimeter. The port is due to install 23 sprinklers and one pumping station, with a water rate of up to 96 cubic meters an hour.

“As part of upgrading our port infrastructure we continue to take measures necessary to increase the port’s environmental safety. Within a few months, a modern sprinkler irrigation system will be included in our technological cycle. We acquired dust suppression equipment from Germany’s ThyssenKrupp corporation. The irrigation system will be managed from a central control room,” Mechel-Trans Management Company OOO’s Chief Executive Officer Alexey Lebedev.

Mechel Group’s investment into creating a computerized coal terminal at Port Posiet tops 4 billion rubles. The port’s transshipment capacity enables the company to export up to 9 million tonnes of coal annually.

Port Posiet’s technical upgrade investment project involves technologies minimizing ecological impact at every technological stage. Coal is unloaded by car dumpers in a closed space equipped with a vacuum extraction system which prevents coal dust from escaping outside. Transfer stations are also equipped with efficient dust extractors. Conveyor lines are equipped with closed metal galleries to protect the environment from coal dust. As coal is transferred to coal yards, it is irrigated by a water dispersion system installed on stacker-reclaimers. Now a pipeline for irrigating coal yards will be added to the dust suppression system.