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Trade Port Posiet upgrades coastal infrastructure

Trade Port Posiet AO (part of Mechel Group’s transport division managed by Mecheltrans Management Company) completed construction of a covered conveyor gallery which will enable the port to improve efficiency of gondola car unloading in winter period and will have additional benefits for the environment.

Investment into the construction totaled 16 million rubles. Construction works were part of the technical upgrade investment project which is being implemented at Trade Port Posiet over the past few years.

The conveyor gallery links the defrosting facility with the wagon dumpers. The new port infrastructure facility is over 100 meters long, built with steel structures and equipped with artificial internal lighting to ensure uninterrupted unloading.

In subzero temperatures, defrosting railcars is part of the port’s technological process. Before they are transported to wagon dumpers, railcars are being warmed using electrical infrared radiators, which cause coal to thaw off the railcars’ sides and bottom. Before, thawed wagons were put out and lined up for unloading outside, and now they will be queued up in a covered gallery.

This way, all technological operations involved in gondola car unloading are conducted in covered areas. This eliminates the risk of coal freezing onto railcars again, and prevents the spread of coal dust in strong winds and low temperatures.

“Trade Port Posiet is currently one of Russia’s four specialized coal terminals. The work we have done is yet another step toward integrated modification of our coastal infrastructure. The next step will be the launch of a stationary sprinkling system at our storage areas, whose assembly is nearly complete,” Mecheltrans Management Company OOO’s Chief Executive Officer Alexey Lebedev noted.

Mechel Group’s investment into creating a terminal operated from a computerized dispatch center at Port Posiet has topped 4 billion rubles. The port’s transshipment capacity allows it to export up to 9 million tonnes of coal products annually.