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Trade Port Posiet Upgrades Loading Facilities

Trade Port Posiet AO (part of Mechel Group’s transport division managed by Mecheltrans Management Company OOO) launched two new front end loaders with a 6-cubic-meter ladle. The cost of the new equipment totaled some 20 million rubles.

The new loaders are already part of the port’s operations. The increase in number of the port’s front end loaders will enable the port to use its loading space’s territory more efficiently, and increase its versatility when storing different types of coal. Use of modern equipment will have a positive effect on the loading operations’ performance and quality.

“This upgrade of the port’s fleet is part of the port’s overall upgrade project. This year we will also launch the second stage of the storage space’s sprinkler system to suppress dust. We are also nearly done with developing project documentation for assembling and streamlining our automatic shiploader, which is due to be launched in 2021,” the port’s managing director Vladimir Rogov commented.