Korshunov Mining Plant

Korshunov Mining Plant PAO is Eastern Siberia’s only industrial complex producing and dressing iron ore. Its mining assets include two quarries — the Korshunov and the Rudnogorsky quarries.

Korshunov Mining Plant has Russia’s Federal Agency for Mineral Resources’ sub-soil license for working the Korshunov iron ore deposit “up to 840 meters deep”. Mineral reserves on this new license are estimated at 500 million tonnes.

Korshunov’s iron ore concentrate is one of Russia’s best – it has very low slag-making levels, it melts well, has no poison, and naturally includes all additives required for steelmaking.

Korshunov Mining Plant is located in close proximity to the Baikal-Amur Mainline, which is in turn linked with the Trans-Siberian Railway. The plant’s iron ore concentrate is transported by rail to Russian and foreign steelmakers.

In 2021, Korshunov Mining Plant produced 1.4 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate. 

The plant’s chief customers are Russian and foreign steelmakers, predominantly from China.