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Mechel Coke completes upgrade of coke-oven battery

Mechel Coke OOO (part of Mechel Group) launched its upgraded coke-oven battery #7. The upgrade will enable the plant to reduce waste emissions during coke production. The technical upgrade was part of the cooperation agreement between Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service (Rosprirodnadzor), Chelyabinsk Region’s government and Mechel PAO on ensuring the group’s safe and socially responsible functioning on Chelyabinsk’s territory.

The launch ceremony was attended by Chelyabinsk Region’s Ecology Minister Sergei Likhachev, Chief of the regional Rosprirodnadzor branch Vitaly Kuryatnikov, Chairman of the region’s Civic Chamber’s ecology and environment protection committee Andrei Minchenko, Mechel Group’s top officials, and representatives of the city administration, ecological groups and media.

The upgrade included installing new gas outlet pipes, a second gas collector and a crossover gas main. The new equipment will improve gas vent as coal is loaded into coke drums. This will effectively reduce emissions of 1-4 hazard class waste by 9.1 tonnes a year. The project cost a total of 76 million rubles.

“The fact is that those companies that have a serious impact on the environment and atmosphere quality have begun making agreements with Chelyabinsk Region and invest major funds into upgrading their facilities, making them more environmentally friendly, constructing waste disposals and installing filters, and this fact is, in my view, a major step forward. This result is definitely an achievement of Chelyabinsk Region’s Governor Boris Dubrovsky whose initiative it was. Mechel was the first to cinch such an agreement, and thus became a positive example for other companies that prepare to make a step towards greening. This costs the companies a huge amount of money, but these investments are justified, as they concern our environment and our compatriots’ quality of life,” State Duma Deputy Vladimir Burmatov commented.

“The most important thing for the people is that the negative impact on the atmosphere is reduced. This is a comprehensible and transparent program, coming from the company. We expect that other facilities will use the same open, clear and consistent approach. Mechel is the first company that is open to public audit. Today we have representatives of public watchdogs present here. This openness must become a rule, so that people could understand what is going on at the local plants,” Chief of the regional Rosprirodnadzor branch Vitaly Kuryatnikov commented.

“Next year we plan to implement a series of important ecological projects at Mechel-Coke, using best available technologies. This includes revamping the coke-oven battery #8’s gas vent system, transfering the by-product recovery plant #1 to a closed-cycle water-cooling system and more. Thanks to those steps, emissions of 1-4 hazard class waste will go down by 190,000 tonnes a year. We are taking every measure to prepare for the implementation of the new summary calculations and waste quotas system,” Mechel-Coke OOO’s Managing Director Nikolay Motin noted.

Since 2006, Mechel Group invested a total of some 5 billion rubles in upgrading Mechel-Coke, including nearly 1.4 billion invested in environment protection measures. Several major projects have been completed, including equipping three coke-oven batteries with dust-free coke pushing systems, upgrading benzene workshops in two by-product recovery plants, halting an outdated coke-oven battery and closing down the naphthaline crystallization and distillation and crude benzene washing workshop.

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