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Russian Environment Watchdog Appraises Ecological Measures at Mechel-Coke

Mechel-Coke (part of Mechel Group) hosted a business visit by the chief of Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service (Rosprirodnadzor)’s Urals inter-regional department Roman Tuzhikov, who intended to appraise the plant’s upgrade meant to improve its impact on the environment.

Roman Tuzhikov toured the plant’s coke battery #8, where coke is densified for further use in steelmaking. The facility’s reconstruction was completed last week, and it will enable the plant to reduce waste emissions by four tonnes a year. The battery has been upgraded as part of the ecological agreement signed by Mechel Group, Chelyabinsk Region’s government, Russian natural resources ministry and Rosprirodnadzor. The agreement has been initiated by Chelyabinsk Region’s Governor Alexei Texler.

The plant has already modernized its coke battery #7, installing new gasholders for more efficient gas recovery, and also upgraded the recovery workshop #1’s benzene facility so that process water could be cooled without contact with air. The company plans to install new systems reducing waste emissions in the plant’s chemical workshops, as well as to reconstruct the plant’s coke battery #1.