Yakut Ore Company OOO

Yakut Ore Company OOO is the operator of the Sivaglinsky iron ore deposit where industrial development was launched in early 2023. This is the Republic of Sakha’s first such facility. The deposit development project is part of Southern Yakutia advance development zone. Mechel will invest 2.1 billion rubles in developing the deposit, creating over 450 new jobs.

The Sivaglinsky iron ore deposit is located 135 kilometers north of Neryungri and 9 kilometers away from the Amur-Yakutia Mainline that is linked to the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway. The Sivaglinsky deposit is 2.2 square kilometers in size. Its open-pit reserves are estimated at approximately 21 million tonnes of ore with iron content of 48.6-53.3%.

Starting in 2024, mining at the Sivaglinsky deposit will annually yield 1.25 million tonnes of of blast-furnace and sinter ore.