The Soviet Union’s coal industry ministry created the trust company «Yakutugol». By then, Sangarskaya and Chulmanskaya mines, Dzhebariki-Khaya underground pit and the Kangalassk and Ziryansk open pits were already operating in the republic and became part of the trust. A year later the Sogo mine also joined the trust.
The Soviet Union’s natural resources state commission gave an estimate for the Nerungrinsk deposit’s reserves. According to the commission, the deposit’s Moshzhny seam alone held 450 million tonnes of coal, including coking coal.
The first peg is hammered into what is now Negungrinsk Open Pit, signaling a new era in Yakutia’s coal industry.
The Yakutugol trust company is transformed into a production association.
Mining is launched at Negungrinsk Open Pit which took a place of honor in the Yakutugol association. Coal probes at the deposit showed that nearly half of its reserves were coking coal.
The Negungrinskaya washing plant is launched.
A repair and engineering works plant is launched to tackle repairs of mining equipment.
First heavy-load BelAZ trucks arrived in Nerungri, as the beginning of Yakutugol’s unique motor pool.
Yakutugol becomes a state enterprise. In two years, it becomes a state unitary enterprise.
Yakutugol becomes a joint-stock company with the state holding 100% of the stock.
Mechel Group buys out Yakutugol’s controlling stake together with the license to develop the Elga coal deposit.
Construction of a spur-track linking the existing railway’s 60th kilometer and the Elga deposit is launched.
Sakha Republic’s President Vyacheslav Shtyrov, Amur Region’s Governor Oleg Kozhemyako and Mechel OAO’s General Director Igor Zyuzin installed a memorial sign, thus fixing the beginning of Elga coal deposit development.

Sakha Republic’s Agency for Use of Mineral Resources gave permission to launch the first stage of the open pit development at the Elga deposit. This represents another critical milestone toward development of the coal deposit.

Mechel finished laying tracks along the entire route of the railway link from Ulak station to the Elga coal deposit. Construction involved laying 321 kilometers of tracks. The railway was built in difficult climatic and geological conditions. A total of 76 bridges were built in the course of the railway’s construction.


Yakutugol received subsoil licenses for researching, investigating and extracting iron ore in the Sutamsky area and in the Sivaglinsky deposit, both located in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)’s Neryungri region. The Sutamsky iron ore area is about 3,300 square kilometers and consists of several promising iron ore deposits. The license area is over 740 square kilometers. Its estimated reserves under Russian standards are 1.35 billion tonnes. The Sutamsky area is located 210 kilometers south-east of Neryungri. The Sivaglinsky deposit is 90 kilometers north of Neryungri and is part of the Southern Aldan iron ore region. Its reserves under Russian standards are about 26.4 million tonnes. The deposit is located less than 7 kilometers away from a high-voltage line and a railway linked to Baikal-Amur Mainline. 

A seasonal washing plant and production of the first volumes of concentrate of coking coal mined at the Elga deposit was commissioned. The newly built washing plant fully complies with best international standards. The plant’s processing capacity is up to 3 million tonnes per annum.


Neryungrinskaya Washing Plant processed its 200-millionth tonne of coal. Since its launch in 1984, the plant has produced 131 million tonnes of coking coal concentrate.

Yakutugol Holding Company marked its 50th anniversary.


Open-pit mining began at Dzhebariki-Khaya Open Pit.

Yakutugol Holding Company’s technological transport base marked its 40th anniversary.

The Mechel-Remservice OOO machinery and repair plant, Yakutugol Holding Company’s subsidiary, marked its 30th anniversary.

Mechel Mining Management OOO’s department of mining assets in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was formed. Igor Khafizov was appointed as its head.

Neryungrinsky Open Pit mined its 350-millionth tonne of coal.

Implementation of a large-scale technical revamping program led to Yakutugol receiving over 30 machines, including two EKG-18 excavators produced by Uralmashplant.


For the first time in its history, Yakutugol Holding Company brought in contractors to take part in strip mining and ore transport works.

Yakutugol Holding Company took part in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)’s “Industrial Jobs for Local Personnel” program.

Yakutugol’s subsidiary Neryungri Automobile Base marked its 10th anniversary.

The key stage of Neryungrinskaya Washing Plant’s major overhaul is complete.