Kuzbass Power Sales Company


The state electrification plan (GOELRO) was passed. Its implementation launched a large-scale and intensive development of Russia’s energy industry.
December 21, 1920

The government decrees creating of the Zapsibenergo company comprising electricity facilities of Novosibirsk Region and Kuzbass.

June 20, 1934. Kuzbass Power Sales company was set up to sell electricity and heat in the region. During its first year, it signed 32 contracts and its effective energy output was 410 million KW/h. Until 1939, the company employed 12 people.

Kuzbass Power Sales is withdrawn from Zapsibenergo and transferred to Kemerovo Power Plant’s control.
Kuzbass Power Sales joins the new energy company Kemerovoenergo.
Kemerovoenergo is renamed as Kuzbass Energy Department Kuzbassenergo.
Kuzbass Power Sales is tasked with controlling electricity consumption regimes and monitoring consumer use of power installations. These new functions as well as the desire to improve service prompted creation of the company’s Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Belovsk and Novokuznetsk departments.
Kuzbass Power Sales is renamed as State Energy and Consumption Monitoring agency Energonadzor.
New electricity monitoring systems are implemented. First electricity consumption monitors are installed on Kuzbass’s industrial enterprises.
1989 — 1992
Energonadzor is freed from state electricity monitor duties and renamed as Energosbyt (Power Sales). Kuzbassenergo OAO becomes subsidiary to Kuzbass Joint-Stock Energy and Electrification Company.

A new automated system of commercial energy accounting is implemented. The company’s Novokuznetsk, Belovsk, Anzhero-Sudzhensk and Kemerovo departments are renamed as Southern, Central, Eastern and Northern respectively.
Information on major consumers is collected and transferred to the central control station. In a bid to make commercial accounting more precise, all induction meters are replaced with electronic counters.
The company becomes an independent enterpise on July 1. In September, Kuzbass Power Sales Company is awarded «guaranteeing supplier» status.
Mechel Group’s Mechel-Energo OOO becomes chief stockholder in Kuzbass Power Sales Company.
May 22, 2007
Striving to improve client service, the company transfers clients of its four regional agents directly to the guaranteeing supplier. Client service becomes the key component of the company’s strategy as the global economic crisis hits.
The company celebrates the 75th anniversary of its stable and unfailing work to supply power to the region.
The company’s new offices are opened in Novokuznetsk and Krazny Brod.
The Personal Account page was launched for individual users at the company’s website, as well as an sms notification service and a voice portal.
The company launched a new service for one-click electricity payments using a bar code.
Kuzbass Power Sales Company celebrates its 80th anniversary of reliably providing its consumers with electricity. As part of upgrading its client service, the company’s website launches a Personal Account page for legal entities, while new and more comfortable offices are opened in Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Novokuznetsk, Kaltan, Belovo, Mezhdurechensk and Osinniki.
The company maintains its leading position in the electricity sales segment and continues stable work as guaranteed supply company in Kemerovo Region.
The company continued working on improving its customer service by opening new and more comfortable offices in the towns of Novokuznetsk, Kiselevsk, Anzhero-Sudzhensk and Myski.
The company’s charter was amended, changing its name from OAO to PAO.

In summer, the company implemented an electronic document management system for data exchange with customers, which enabled the company to send invoices and acts of acceptance for its electricity by electronic means.

In 2018, nearly 17,000 citizen consumers were transferred into Kuzbass Power Sales Company’s direct service.

Kuzbass Power Sales Company also began operating as an independent sales company. Starting on July 1, the company began acquiring electricity and power on the wholesale market for Tomsk Region’s consumers.

In September, Kuzbass Power Sales Company together with its Rostelecom colleagues finished assembling a computerized electricity metering system in a multi-family housing.

The company opened new and more comfortable offices in Anzhero-Sudzhensk and Verkh-Chebula.

Kuzbass Power Sales Company continued its stable operations as the region’s guaranteeing supplier and independent power sales company.

The company opened a new customer service office in the town of Yurga. In 2020, direct service became available for more than 16,000 individual customers.

The company continued to perfect the remote services it offers its citizen consumers. In August it launched the Platosphere app, which enables the user to pay electric bills free of extra charges. By the end of 2020, nearly 90,000 of the company’s clients installed the app.

As part of the pilot project of introducing the mechanism of price responsive curtailment on demand at the electricity retail market, the company continued to work as an aggregator for demand-side-response.