Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant

Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant is the largest enterprise in Eastern Siberia producing high-grade ferrosilicon, with 65% and 75% silicon content.

The plant’s production received an international quality certificate in 2005 and actually exceeds international standards which allow for up to 1.5% of additives in ferrosilicon, while the Bratsk-produced ferrosilicon has less than 1% of additives.

Ferrosilicon is used in the steel-making industry for manufacturing carbon and stainless steel deoxidizers of most kinds of steel grades or alloying elements for production of insulating, acid-proof and heatproof steel grades, or pig iron modifier, as well as reducing agents for production of nonferrous metals and alloys. The chief raw material for producing ferrosilicon is quartzite. Approximately 5-6 kg of ferrosilicon is used in every tonne of steel produced.

The plant is making the transfer to smelting metal out of quartzites mined at its own Uvatsk deposit. The first quartzite batch was sent to the plant in March 2013. Bratsk Ferroalloys Plant also continues reconstruction of its smelting facilities. Once that is complete, the plant’s production capacity will go up by 30%, while its electricity needs will be down by 10-13%.