Mechel Nemunas


The Stiklas («Glass») joint-stock company was founded. The plant’s construction was completed in 1921, and the plant launched in 1922.
Following the deaths of all major stockholders, Stiklas went bankrupt, its facilities inherited by a newly founded Indas («Kitchenware») company.
Neris stock company bought the land and facilities of the bankrupt Indas and brought in its own nail-making, drawing and other production machines.
The enterprise was nationalized.
During the World War II, the enterprise lost its personnel, brought down production, and its best equipment was shipped off to Germany.
Once restored, the plant was handed over to Lithuania’s main fuel agency, which dubbed it «Nemunas» and installed peat-processing equipment there, handing its other machines to steel-processing enterprises.
With the Pergale («Victory») plant re-oriented to produce turbines, Nemunas got its drawing, nail-making and screw-making equipment.
The plant is reconstructed. Storages for auxiliary materials and semi-finished products and an etching department are built, a boiler-room is replaced.
The Prekalo plant sends its remaining nail- and wire-making equipment to Nemunas, which became unprofitable.
A nail-making workshop is commissioned. Nemunas begins to market its products abroad, exporting 50 tonnes of barbed wire to Eastern Germany.
Mesh-welding equipment is imported.
Nemunas is incorporated, with 90% of its capital privatized.
Monald Metals Ltd. acquires controlling stock in Nemunas which increases production and export to Europe and the United States.
Three closed corporations are created on Nemunas’s basis — «Nemuno prekybos centras» (Nemunas Trade Center), «Nemuno gamybos centras» (Nemunas Production Center) и «Nemuno holdingas».
All four closed corporations are acquired by Russian-based Mechel Steel Group.
Mechel Nemunas closed corporation is set up on the basis of the four enterprises.

The company opened its own retail store.

Mechel Nemunas is the Baltic Region's leading producer of wire, nails and mesh. Mechel Nemunas is Lithuania's only producer of fibre and wire for fibre.

Mechel Nemunas introduces a new technology of preparing wire rod for drawing by using heat from bell furnaces to dry it before drawing.

Sales of Mechel Nemunas products through its own retail store continued to steadily grow.

Mechel Nemunas ZAO was recognized as one of Lithuania's most stable companies. The company was awarded the CrefoCertSTABILUS sign.

Mechel Nemunas successfully completed testing of three new bell furnaces and acquired equipment for coiling wire into rosettes. As a result of this project, the plant's capacity for producing annealed wire in rosette coils will increase by more than 100%.