Vyartsilya Metal Products Plant


A sawmill is built in Vyartsilya.
The sawmill is acquired by a major entrepreneur Nils Ludwig Arppe, who set up a steelmaking shop thanks to local lake and swamp ore reserves and cheap electricity.
Two blast furnaces were installed and yielded first pig-iron, with a rolling mill launched in 1861.
An open-hearth furnace was launched.
The “Vyartsilya Aktiebolag” corporation is created. The enterprise had a full cycle by then and began to produce wire and nails in early 20th century.
The Vyartsilya plant, which had an open-hearth furnace, a rolling mill and a hardware shop, became Soviet property as part of Finland’s territorial concessions.
Once restored after the Second World War, the plant began to work at full capacity. The open-hearth furnace and the rolling mill were closed, with the plant focusing on hardware production.
The total production volume came up to over 70,000 tonnes of hardware a year. The plant also began producing fasteners and zinc-coating nails.
The plant’s personnel decided to transform the enterprise into a public corporation. It was also the 100th anniversary of the first corporation set up at the plant.
The plant joined Mechel, a major industrial group, which allowed it to pass from the bare survival stage into restoration and further development. As part of Mechel, the plant managed not only to completely restore its former volume levels, but exceed its historic maximum set in 1990.
Vyartsilya Metal Products Plant produced a total of 82,000 tonnes of hardware.
VMZ set a new production record – 118,500 tonnes of hardware a year.