Support for Local Communities

The company builds trust and mutual respect-based ties with local residents, taking into account the local communities’ lifestyles and cultural heritage.

Mechel acknowledges that social responsibility for its employees and for the residents of the regions where the company’s facilities are located is a prerequisite for business prosperity. The company makes every effort to support employees and their families and strengthen their confidence in the future.

Mechel is currently developing a systematic approach to managing interaction with local communities and social investments. In particular, Mechel has a Local Community Outreach Policy in place that provides for:
  • strict and full compliance with Russian federal and regional laws that protect the environment, the rights and interests of indigenous minorities and local residents
  • offering prompt public information regarding Mechel’s development plans, facility upgrades and efforts to reduce the impact on the environment
  • reaching out directly to the local communities, including cooperation in local work groups and meetings with community representatives, as well as keeping open feedback channels for questions from the local population
  • employment of local workforce, active support for regional vocational and higher education institutions, and participation in specialized education programs for the local population
  • an extensive environmental program aimed at minimizing ecological impact
  • improving the current social infrastructure in order to ensure comfortable conditions for everyday work and life in the regions where the company operates.

Mechel seeks to ensure transparency of operations and builds an effective public feedback system. If representatives of local communities have any questions or face any problems, they may leave messages at Mechel’s mailboxes (available both at the enterprises and online), or the hotline. Working with the public through feedback channels allows the company to learn about local problems and promptly respond.

Mechel continues to implement social projects in Russian regions, with a focus on sports, healthcare, science, art and environment protection projects and initiatives. The Group’s structure includes recreation centers, health resorts, children’s health camps, cultural centers, sports facilities, and museums. Their doors are open not only to Mechel’s personnel, but also to all local residents. Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant operates two culture palaces and a sport facility offering various clubs and sports groups for public attendance.

Mechel implements social and charity programs aimed at supporting vulnerable groups, young people, developing social infrastructure, and preserving cultural heritage.

local residents received medical services provided by the company’s healthcare centers in 2021
children, in addition to the employees’ children, spent their holidays at the company’s children’s camps, and over 400 people visited the recreation centers
thousandseedlings of coniferous trees were planted by the company’s volunteers as part of a joint campaign with Chelyabinsk Region’s Firefighting and Forest Protection Center