Occupational Health and Safety

The company recognises that its main asset is people: their lives and health are more important than any economic indicators and performance. This is why control over potential hazards lies at the heart of any of the Group’s development plans.

Mechel’s strategy focuses on the following key aspects:
  • creating safe and comfortable working conditions for the company’s staff
  • reducing or eliminating work-related injuries
  • healthy living conditions for future generations.

The company strictly complies with all the OHS requirements prescribed by both national legislation and internal corporate standards. Besides, in its approach to OHS management Mechel seeks to comply with the best international practices of the industry.

Mechel’s priority OHS goals:
  • eliminating fatalities
  • reducing occupational injuries and diseases
  • promoting workplace safety culture and transitioning employees and managers from “need to supervise” to “personal commitment” approach to OHS matters
  • creating safe working conditions
  • safe operation of hazardous production facilities
  • preventing accidents
  • ensuring preparedness for localization of accidents at hazardous production facilities and elimination of their consequences
  • securing a leading position in key OHS indicators among industry players.
Safety culture Mechel is fully aware of the importance of developing safety culture among employees and supports their participation in the management of OHS issues. The company constantly creates opportunities for engaging its employees in maintaining safe working and health environment through:
  • involving them in identification of hazards, assessment of professional risks and selection of appropriate tools for managing them
  • involving them in analysis of accidents
  • involving employees in development and analysis of OHS policy and goals
  • consulting personnel on all changes that may have an impact on occupational health and safety.

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Mechel provides regular OHS training sessions for managers and specialists. All employees attend mandatory inductions, including basic induction and initial, refresher, unscheduled, and ad hoc briefings.

Mechel’s enterprises implement health protection programs for their employees. Apart from mandatory medical examinations, employees are offered additional medical services to prevent occupational hazards, restore their health on resorts and undergo treatment in specialized clinics.

decrease in fatal accidents among the company’s employees in 2021
increasein the number of employees covered by OHS training in 2021
Southern Kuzbass Coal Company won the Best Enterprise in Occupational Safety nomination among Kuzbass production facilities at the all-Russian “Success and Safety” competition in 2021