Corporate Security

The chief goal of Mechel’s Corporate Security Department and its regional branches is to ensure the company’s proper functioning, to protect its employees, its financial and technical means, products, technologies, operational, managerial and commercial processes from external and internal threats.

In order to uphold the company’s high standards of business ethics, prevent corruption and abuse as well as provide support to employees, Mechel PAO has installed the following communication channels.

Confidential mail boxes:

White and blue mailboxes with the corporate logo and “confidential mailbox” sticker can be found in the company’s every facility for easy access by employees and other citizens and can be used for written messages.

You can also send your message to the following mailing address:

Corporate Security Department, Mechel PAO
Krasnoarmeiskaya, 1
Moscow, 125167

You can choose if you want to name yourself or remain anonymous.

Confidential hotline

+7-495-921-17-27 or the extension number
62-255 – for voice messages (out of business hours these telephone lines work in automatic voice mail mode)

Confidential email

for email messages

Skype hotline


for voice and video messages