Port Kambarka


Due to construction of an iron foundry on the Kambarka River, Uralian mine owner Akinfy Demidov bought land along the river from Bashkir nomads.
A major mechanized port is built in Kambarka to reload Kuznetsk coal. The first shipment of coal was reloaded from railway to the river. Since then, Port Kambarka is handling cargo.
The port’s second line is launched. The port is equipped with highly efficient machines and requires almost no manual labor. In order to process mass cargo, the port installs three unloaders which allow the port to speed up wagon processing by 50%. The enterprise was second only to the Perm port, handling up to 6 million tonnes of cargo a year.
The port is declining. Production volumes plummeted, unloaders went unused, and the river fleet went unneeded.
Mechel bought the controlling stake in Port Kambarka OAO. With the new owner, a three-year restoration program was launched at Port Kambarka. A new automated complex of a type unique to Russia, used to shift alumina, pulverulent and fine-graded bulk cargo from the river to the railway transport, was installed. The complex allowed to significantly increase cargo reloading, cut the wagon loading time and improve work conditions.