Corporate Governance

The company adheres to the most rigorous standards of corporate governance. Apart from complying with shareholder law norms, Mechel assumes a series of additional obligations, holding to the highest international requirements.

The company is bound to protect the rights of shareholders, ensure transparency of its financial results, implement internal corporate documents, comply with the rules on thorough disclosure, as well as rules regulating conflicts of interest, ensure efficient management by having an independent Board of Directors and its committees.

Efficient corporate governance is a decisive factor in winning greater trust with shareholders and investors, consolidating the company’s position on global financial markets and improving its competitive value.

The company’s corporate governance system is aimed at creating and maintaining reliable and trustworthy ties with shareholders and investors.

Mechel cares about its reputation and seeks to continuously improve its corporate governance and management structure to comply with the finest principles acknowledged in Russia and worldwide. Improving the corporate governance system is a top priority for the company’s strategy.

The company’s drive to constantly bring up the level of its corporate governance consists of expanding shareholder rights, perfecting the Board of Directors’ work methods, improving the company’s transparency and management structure.